About Devvna Tiwari

As a Brand we revolve round artisans, not around seasons, is the embodiment of her core passions – to design clothes that are beautiful & hold a purpose. Our clothes are beautifully hand-crafted and heart-crafted too. There are stories behind each craft and there is a person behind each story.

Our Philosophy:

Devvna Believes being Modern is a state of mind and certain sense of individualism. When you grow up liberally and when you grow up with everything around you which has no barrier, its human propensity to trace back your roots and discover where you come from and it’s a Sense of self identity.
We come from a land of color and land culture ,that is who we are, and the world knows us for that, we think it’s important for you to build a heritage and take it forward ,when you represent India internationally We think people are looking for an original point of view or they are looking for a thought process.
Today there are enough stories from the past that have not even reached to the millennial consumers and our responsibility as a brand is to become a ferryman between the past and the present all we do is we pick up thing from the past that we think are going to be socially relevant today and we bring it to the consumer with almost no changes.

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